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An AHRC Research Network

The aim of this international research network is to discuss and explore the practical philosophy (i.e., the moral, legal, and political philosophy) of the early post-Kantians. The early post-Kantians include figures such as J.B. Erhard, P.J.A. Feuerbach, the early J.G. Fichte, F. Gentz, S. Maimon, J. Möser, A.W. Rehberg, E. Reimarus, K.L. Reinhold, the early F.W.J. Schelling, F. Schlegel, and T. Schmalz. To find out more about the early post-Kantians, click here.


The network will explore the nature and significance of early post-Kantian practical philosophy through a series of four workshops, each of which will deal with a theme that is central to post-Kantian practical philosophy. In addition to the workshops, there will be a series of public lectures. For details of the workshops and public lectures, see the events page


The network will be complemented and supported by a series of translations of early post-Kantian practical philosophy. These translations, which will be published over the course of the project, will enable a wider audience to engage critically with the literature that will be explored by the research network. 


The network is managed by James Clarke (University of York, UK) and Gabriel Gottlieb (Xavier University, USA). The Project Administrator is Elisabeth Thorson (University of York, UK). If you have any questions, please contact us at:


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